Dr Annetta Mallon is an End of Life Consultant and Educator who has a private practice for End of Life Doula, home funeral and advance planning clients in addition to evidence-based EFT psychotherapy specialising in grief and loss, and injury and trauma recovery.

A passionate educator, Annetta oversees a comprehensive and inclusive online End of Life Consultant training which includes all seven non-medical end of life work roles and features expert contributors from both Australia and overseas.

Annetta is an Honorary Adjunct with Western Sydney University, a specialist lecturer and speaker in the arena of end of life, death, grief and after-death spaces, and a lecturer with Navitas Sydney City Campus for undergraduate and postgraduate units in social sciences, health sciences, and health psychology. As a psychotherapist of three decades experience, Annetta works primarily in the fields of complex and disenfranchised grief, loss, injury and trauma recovery, and childhood sexual assault (CSA).

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Website : https://www.gdep.com.au

Phone : 0412702833

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