Libby Moloney, of Natural Grace, is a holistic funeral director practising natural, culturally and spiritually sensitive, family led funeral care, specialising in home based care. Libby is also a member of a newly established not-for-profit group, which consists of multi discipline professionals who are passionately committed to supporting families who wish to care for their dead at home. This group consists of a GP, a palliative nurse, a Naturopath, a spiritual leader, allied therapies such as massage and touch therapists, a Threshold Choir and Libby as an holistic funeral director. Furthermore, Libby is a State Board representative of the Independent Funerals Directors Association of Victoria and has the full support of the national body to represent the IFDAA. Libby, through Natural Grace is passionately committed to raising awareness about natural cemeteries in Australia and works actively with community groups to establish natural sanctuaries for the interment of our dead. This is also a not-for-profit commitment. Family led home-based funeral care is legal, possible and very beautiful. There are services available for those seeking support for their rightful choice.