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Holistic Community Centred Death Care. Embracing wisdom of life in death - by providing companionship, emotional and or spiritual support, resources and education through being a faithful witness to the transition and process of death and dying.

Finding Solace is a Holsitic Community Centred approach to Death Care.

Our aim is to embrace the wisdom of life in death, dying and grieving. Our services can be tailored to the various individual needs and or circumstances with a personalised and holistic approach which empowers individuals and families as they navigate end-of-life care.

We are non-medical and holistic practitioners, experienced death walkers, home funeral guides, bespke shroud designers/creators, massage therapists, ritualists and more. We currently live in the West Australia. 

 We do not facilitate death, nor do we produce or assist individuals in having a ‘good death’. We do not place judgement or define what a good or bad death. Together we provide a supportive service walking alongside with you and your loved ones reclaiming death as a sacred communal final rite of passage.

“May we all grow to know the solace of endings, even as our knees fall to the earth and we believe we cannot go on. May we find within the great wings of death be the truest friend we have ever known, in this human journey.” - Halcian McGregor


  • Training / Qualifications:
  • Death Doula (Denise Love), 
  • Advanced Death Doula training (Denise Love), 
  • Deathwalker (Natural Death Care Centre)
Balingup, WA, 6253

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