Tranquil Options

Mount Cotton, Australia, 4165
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End of life and elder care - with a unique focus on those experiencing dementia.

When faced with our own or a loved one’s dementia diagnosis,  or approaching death, we often struggle to talk about what is happening and how we feel about it. Our feelings of uncertainty, and anticipating loss can add to our grief to make us feel overwhelmed and helpless. It doesn’t have to be like that. While they can often be bewildering and difficult times, they can also be times of strength, dignity and peace. I can support you and/or your family/significant others during these transitions. My role is not to tell anyone what to do but to support, guide and assist, and provide information and options, so choices that are right for the individual and those they care about are made. This approach will ensure everyone has the means within them and the support around them to confidently navigate these situations with strength, dignity and peace. When working as an enrolled nurse, I developed an interest and passion for aged care, particularly dementia and end of life care. About 6 years ago I undertook Doula training and have since undertaken further training and gained valuable experience that has culminated in Tranquil Options. I offer advocacy, support, kindness information, compassion, friendship and love.

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  • End of Life Doula Training 1 day (Australian Doula College presented by Preparing the Way), 
  • End of Life Doula Training 3 day (Australian Doula College presented by Preparing the Way), 
  • After Death & Funeral Planning 1 day Workshop (Natural Grace), 
  • Spiritual Palliative Care Friend of the Dying Training (Sharon Tregoning) , 
  • Death Doula (Denise Love), 
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  • Diploma in Dementia Care


Mount Cotton, Australia, 4165

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