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End of Life Doula providing practical, emotional and spiritual support for the dying person and their loved ones in Brisbane.

Having experienced the loss of many close friends and family members to cancer, tragic accidents, suicide, SIDS and dementia, including caring for my own mother who died at 56 from lung cancer, I really do know suffering and what it's like when we do and don't have our needs met.

I also understand the pressure we feel to be everything to everybody, to try to have all the answers, to be the strong one and how easily we say YES when deep down we really just want to scream NO and throw our hands in the air. 

I want to help ease that burden so not just one or two people are trying to do it all which often leads to burnout, frustration and regret.

Known by many to be able to "make magic happen" I am a planner and a problem solver.

I genuinely love people and believe we all deserve to have our own wishes and needs met properly which may also mean admitting we need outside help.

By integrating my nursing training with lived experience and a lifelong passion for knowledge and understanding I can confidently liaise and collaborate with health professionals so that together, we can better meet the person's needs, from home or within the hospital environment. At the same time, I can advocate for my clients and champion their end of life rights, wishes and choices.

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  • End of Life Doula Training 1 day (Australian Doula College presented by Preparing the Way), 
  • End of Life Doula Training 3 day (Australian Doula College presented by Preparing the Way)
Teneriffe, QLD, 4006

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