Rebecca Lyons, mother of one, hails from the Blue Mountains in NSW. She started her working career in Sydney before making the move to Tasmania in late 2006.

Over her career she has worked in various industries including finance, real estate and the law but in 2011, she found her path into the funeral industry and stayed there until mid-2017 working across the many roles offered in the contemporary funeral industry; including pre planning, administration, mortuary, funeral arranging and directing. Retraining as an End of Life Doula and becoming an independent Funeral Director she has worked in home based death care and family led funerals ever since.

Bec has also been actively working to advance the mission of You n’ Taboo which is the education and advocacy service she co-founded with her partner in 2016.
Most recently Bec was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to undertake international research and report on changes and disruptions in the end of life space which saw her travel through 6 countries exploring alternatives to contemporary ceremony and body disposal. A link to her report can be found by clicking here.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, photography, camping and travel but what makes her most contented is time with her family. The subjects of death and dying, natural burial and the DIY approach to death care are her passion and she loves being out in the community raising awareness and promoting good honest conversations, she is a dedicated advocate for positive change.

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Dr Annetta Mallon is an End of Life Consultant and Educator who has a private practice for End of Life Doula, home funeral and advance planning clients in addition to evidence-based EFT psychotherapy specialising in grief and loss, and injury and trauma recovery.

A passionate educator, Annetta oversees a comprehensive and inclusive online End of Life Consultant training which includes all seven non-medical end of life work roles and features expert contributors from both Australia and overseas.

Annetta is an Honorary Adjunct with Western Sydney University, a specialist lecturer and speaker in the arena of end of life, death, grief and after-death spaces, and a lecturer with Navitas Sydney City Campus for undergraduate and postgraduate units in social sciences, health sciences, and health psychology. As a psychotherapist of three decades experience, Annetta works primarily in the fields of complex and disenfranchised grief, loss, injury and trauma recovery, and childhood sexual assault (CSA).

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Sandra is a qualified, registered Civil Marriage and Funeral Celebrant and is Founder and Director of Soulful Celebrations located in her home town of Melbourne. She has trained as an End of Life Consultant and has completed her training as a Reiki practitioner. 

She is a member of the International College of Celebrancy Association and a volunteer with Jewish Care Victoria.

Sandra is a keen walker and animal lover and a proud mum, step mum and step grandmother, grateful to be raising her family in the culturally rich diverse country that is Australia. She is in awe of our Indigenous peoples, their ancient spiritual practices and connection to their land.

The daughter of a Holocaust survivor and mother of premmie twins who died at birth, Sandra has had an affinity with loss and grief all her life and has tremendous empathy for those grappling with end of life experiences.

Sandra feels immensely privileged to care for grieving families at a time when they are extremely vulnerable, and is a firm believer that a truly authentic funeral ceremony that accommodates choice has tremendous power to heal.

However, for almost 10 years in her capacity as a Funeral Celebrant she has discovered that most people are unaware of the many choices available to them.

Sandra has engaged in discussions with Aged and Palliative Care professionals and organised workshops, discussing the myriad of choices available at end of life. 

She is passionate about End of Life education amongst affiliated professionals and the broader community and believes that by gently breaking the taboo that is “talking about death” we may just begin to be more at ease with the language of death and dying and all it can teach us about dying and living well.

She is excited to be an NDAN Committee member and grateful to have the opportunity to work together with those who share her passion for death literacy.

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With almost 40 years of nursing experience and post-graduate qualifications in palliative care, I have a great passion for supporting those at the end of life and have long nurtured a deep desire to open up discussions around death, dying, and end-of-life issues, believing that this contains enormous possibilities for living more fully and richly.

The past few years have provided several personal experiences for end of life support, culminating in the death of my husband in June 2019. This deeply personal exploration of the mystery of dying, death and grief have given me great insight into the challenges, nuances, and opportunities in this space.

Along with my colleague Nicole Stephens at End Stage Matters, we offer End of Life Doula services, Advance Care Planning workshops, and other events such as Death Cafes, podcasts and a theatre piece about ACP.

I’m thrilled to be taking on this role in NDAN; an opportunity for me to have a positive influence and contribute to our cultural reclamation of natural dying and natural death.

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Jacqui Williams is an End of Life Doula, Funeral Celebrant, Death Café facilitator, an end of life public speaker and the founder of End of Life Transitions.

Along with a background in nursing and palliative care, based on her own personal and professional exposure to dying, death, grief and loss, Jacqui has witnessed not only the challenges that people can experience when facing their own death, or the death of their loved one,  but also how more peaceful death can be when there are conversations shared, purposeful planning and the necessary supports put in place. She has seen the service gaps, the social isolation, the lack of knowledge and choices that are often faced at the end of life. And how important it is to promote death literacy, build Compassionate Communities, support those grieving and experiencing loss; and to have rituals and ceremony at the end of life.

Complimenting the roles she undertakes for End of Life Transitions, Jacqui continues to work part-time as a Registered Nurse for a state-wide palliative care telephone information and support service across Queensland. And is an active committee member for the Queensland Compassionate Communities Strategic Advisory Committee – Palliative Care Queensland; an Ordinary Member of the Natural Death Advocacy Network; and a member of the Funeral Celebrants Association Australia; the End of Life Doula Directory and Palliative Care Queensland.

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