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Ann Cox, The Practical Counsellor

Melbourne, VIC, 3071



Hello there,

My background is coordination, counselling and caring.  I have lived experience of helping a family member die at home in 2014 with the assistance of several family members and coordinated services.  Now End of Life Doulas and Carers are also available to provide friendly support and assist carers to be able to have regular breaks when they are able to.

My fees for Private Individual Doula Support Sessions generally start from a package of $200 for 3 hours of initial information gathering, resources and document templates. Then $70 per hour afterwards, or another package can be provided. The initial 1 hour consultantion is not charged, if the client wishes to continue with further support and accept the Service Agreement. 

  • Professional Carer* $70/hour (can provide some additional services, not allowed to be provided as a Doula).
  • Professional Counselling $120/hour (Confidential mental health support, for carers or other family members / individuals).
    Please note that research shows end of life planning enables better understanding and less grief.  Grief Counselling, if needed, is recommended to be outsourced as required.

Making initial plans for wishes to be known, communicated well and respected can give people peace of mind.

Looking forward to assisting you and your family / kin.

Kind regards,


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End of Life Doula Training 1 day (Australian Doula College presented by Preparing the Way)
End of Life Doula Training 3 day (Australian Doula College presented by Preparing the Way)
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Bachelor of Counselling, Meditation teacher.


Ann Cox
Counsellor and End of Life Doula
Caring about the wellbeing of the living is my passion, I would like to see people fulfill as many of their wishes as possible. While at the same time, be well prepared, so that decisions can be made while in good health, ensuring they are made in tune with your requirements.