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Natural Burial Grounds & Cemeteries Membership

There is a growing movement of natural burial around the world and as the peak advocacy body in Australia, the Natural Death Advocacy Network is dedicated to encouraging the very best practice standards.

Membership with NDAN as a natural burial ground will connect you with like minded people. There are many reasons to consider membership with NDAN; you will have the opportunity for networking with other burial grounds, an opportunity to promote your work through our wider member network, we will share your news and events across our social media.

11 Reasons for your Natural Burial Ground to Join NDAN

  • Use of NDAN member logo and a Tick of approval image they can use on their website and resources
  • Access to full NDAN membership - including the discounted tickets to events, meetups and bi-monthly newsletter
  • Quarterly professional networking opportunities online for NBG members only
  • NBG’s receive de-identified feedback from surveys
  • Listing on our website
  • Referrals - when people call/email NDAN looking for a NBG we can refer to our member grounds closest to them AND this will also be on the website
  • Presence on social media and promotion by NDAN in NBG media requests
  • Access to NDAN’s natural burial integrity agreement

And as our natural burial ground membership network grows, we have future plans for:

  • A site inspection system where NDAN will visit the site
  • A system of annual ‘people’s choice awards’ based on feedback forms
  • Access to NBG presentation as PowerPoint for cemetery managements to share as part of their education and marketing

Code of Conduct & Standards

pdfDownload NDAN's Natural Burial Grounds Code of Conduct

pdfDownload NDAN's Natural Burial Grounds Standards

Membership Registration

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