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By signing up the NDAN Natural Burial Ground Membership, you or the cemetery management agree to the following:

Any breaches of the membership agreement may result in removal from NDAN.

The cost of membership includes a one-off joining fee of $250.00 and then follows with an annual fee which is on a sliding scale and determined by the number of natural burials done in the cemetery in the previous 12 months.

0-4 burials $50.00
5-9 burials $150.00
10-20 burials $250.00
21-30 burials $350.00
31-40 burials $400.00
41-50 burials $450.00
51-60 burials $500.00
61-70 burials $550.00
71-150 burials $750.00
151+ burials $1200.00

If you would like to know more, please feel free to call, write or email us and we will happy to talk through any questions.

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