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NDAN Talks

The NDAN Talks podcast focuses on the many and varied talents, skills, and passions of the membership of the Natural Death Advocacy Network. 


NDAN talks.. with Bec Lyons

This month Rose has a chat with NDAN President, Bec Lyons. Over her career, Bec has worked in various industries including finance, real estate, and the law but in 2011, she found her path into the funeral industry and stayed there until mid-2017 working across the many roles offered in the contemporary funeral industry; including pre-planning, administration, mortuary, funeral arranging and directing. Retraining as an End of Life Doula and becoming an independent Funeral Director she has worked in home-based death care and family-led funerals ever since.

NDAN talks.. with Hini Hanara

Hini (they/them) is takatapui (queer), Maori and acknowledges that the existing colonial infrastructure isn’t designed to serve the needs of indigenous or LGBTIQA+ communities. They host monthly LGBTIQA+ Death Cafes to inform their practice and advocacy. Their main adjective is holding space for the individual’s own expression and interpretation of ritual and change.

NDAN talks.. with Fiona McCuaig

This month Rose has a chat with Fiona McCuaig, who is working towards creating her own Conservation Burial ground in southern NSW.

NDAN talks.. at the Redesigning Deathcare Conference

A good number of NDAN members were able to attend the Redesigning Deathcare conference in Melbourne, in October 2022. It was so terrific to finally meet in person! Rose was on the hunt for willing members to chat with and we are pleased she found them.

NDAN talks.. with Heaven and Earth Eco-burials

This month, Rose has a chat with Alyssa and Tamsin, sisters from Melbourne who have created a business around eco-burials and sustainable shrouds.
Here is a little about them, taken from their website.

NDAN talks.. with Margie McCumstie

Alex recently caught up with NDAN member, Margie McCumstie, a truly inspirational figure.

NDAN talks.. with Eliza Strauss

In this episode we chat with Eliza Strauss, midwife, death midwife, and founder of the Perinatal Loss Centre, in Melbourne, Australia.