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Julie Weston

Clayfield, QLD, 4011


It's sad but true - we live, we love, we work, we play and then we come to the end of our journey. Death is the one guarantee in life and we all deserve a memorable and meaningful celebration of the time we spent here on mother earth.

I'm a celebrant for all of life's events, with a passion for death done well and creating bespoke funerals and memorials. I'm passionate about creating beautiful, heartfelt ceremonies that capture the spirit of the one who has died. I have lived experience of being with my mum, dad and mum-in-law when they died and being part of their end of life journeys. I hold a Grad Dip in Civil Ceremonies, I've undertaken 'Deathwalker Training' with Zenith Virago, completed 6 Months to Live/Celebrating this Precious Life with Wendy Haynes and Dying2Learn with the Palliative Care Knowledge Network, and I undertook and helped present Traiining 'Are You Ready Yet?' and was part of the Bardo Network for a Tibetan Buddhist Group. You might say I'm a bit of a Death Nerd.
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Deathwalker (Natural Death Care Centre)
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Grad Dip Civil Ceremonies - Monash University