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Charlotte Skyla Westerlundh

Leura, NSW, 2780


I support those who are dying, their families & people who want to embrace their mortality, with the processes this involves. A good death, is a death where the traveler is able to heal & surrender everything that held them accountable in life.

As an End of Life Doula, I support the dying and their family in the process of dying and the many things this can involve. My purpose is to help the traveller and their family to achieve a form of a death plan; this in itself can involve many different aspects depending on where the traveller is at in terms of organisation, and or their own ideas about mortality and wishes for outcomes. The nature of my involvement with the traveller and family becomes apparent in the first consultation as we uncover where everyone involved is at.

As an End of Life Doula I can assist the traveller and family in coming to terms with a terminal diagnosis and anticipatory grief, identifying resources and people needed to set in place wishes around advanced health care, finalising paperwork, unfinished business be they with other people, experiences, places to visit, leaving a legacy and so on, working with fear around death, identifying optimum palliative and end of life care, and wishes around place of dying if applicable, the type of funeral and or other ceremonies. The end goal being, creating a malleable death plan with room for change, where the traveller feels satisfied about the ending stage of their life, where they feel empowered, so that they can focus on this important time of their life and surrender into their physical mortality with a sense of peace and present consciousness. When the traveller experiences a ‘good death’, the grieving process for friends and family are often a lot ‘lighter’ and has a greater sense of closure and less complexity.

For children facing terminal illness, the process is different as many decisions are already in the process of being made by parents and or care takers. In these situations I can offer further resources for parents and care takers, and hold a safe space for the child traveller and family, where there is a person available who is not a medical professional nor a family member, and who is fully present with everyone, as the family is coming to terms with mortality and the impact they may feel this has on the family as a whole.

I am available to sit vigil and or be present with the traveller, at times where family may not be able due to life’s demands.

I can also perform Shamanic Death Rites, to help the traveler with the 'wrapping' up of their energy system and effective recapitulation and journeying to the place where Souls reside.

I am also available for those who are experiencing the loss or death of a loved one, and guide them through this experience by providing resources and support. This kind of support can be offered ongoing via Skype and or in person.

As I am a Naturopath, and a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner a carrier of ancient lore of the Andean Q'ero Shaman tradition, I will draw from my knowledge here where indicated and wished for, to support the traveller and their comfort in the dying process. I can design an eating plan suitable for individuals with compromised eating habits and or digestion, supply herbal formulas to ease discomfort around digestion, nervous system and wound healing where applicable, as well as do energy work to help relax and prepare the traveller for the time of death. Both modalities are inclusive of the End of Life Doula costs, apart from herbal formulas which are sold separately.

Training / Qualifications:
End of Life Doula Training 1 day (Australian Doula College presented by Preparing the Way)
End of Life Doula Training 3 day (Australian Doula College presented by Preparing the Way)
After Death & Funeral Planning 1 day Workshop (Natural Grace)
If you selected "other" under Training / Qualifications please enter details here:
Naturopath B. Hsc, Reiki Usui 1 and 2, Shamanic Energy Practitioner Four Winds Society