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Emotional-existential-practical support and accompanying to mediate a sense of meaning, connection and purpose

“Death touches, perturbs and mystifies us all”

Maria is an End of Life Doula and Psychotherapist based in Melbourne. She feels passionate that everyone deserves to be supported at End Of Life, both emotionally and practically, deeply understood and empowered to access their own wisdom, resources and strengths.

Maria’s particular interests lie in providing emotional-existential support to mediate a sense of meaning, connection and purpose. Honoring and creating sacred space, providing information and resources and before and after death planning and care.

Maria has been in vigil with people dying and their loved from since her youth as part of the traditions of her cultural heritage. Her experience has taught her that the journey to death and beyond brings challenges and sorrow, as well as joys and opportunity. 

She is also a mum, provides animal assisted therapy with her dog, enjoys exploring the mysteries of life and death - most notably through her 'Living Funeral Ceremony' workshops.

Each death is as unique as each life.

The End of Life process may last one year or one day. Therefore, how she serve is guided by you and individually tailored by your particular needs:

●Emotional Comfort & Spiritual Support
●Sourcing of Information, Options and Resources
●End of Life Planning, Legal Paperwork, Admin
●Mediation and Advocacy
●Explore Support Services and Care Options
●Respite for Caregivers
●Referrals to Complementary Therapies
●Referrals to Community Resources
●Logistical and Household support
●Life Review and Legacy Projects
●Tailoring Meaningful Rituals
●After Death Care (Cooling Bed available for At Home After Death Vigil)
●Funeral Planning and Celebrations
●Home Death & Home Funeral Options
●Online/Telephone Support
●Educating the dying person and their loved ones on what they may experienced,see or feel.

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  • End of Life Doula Training 3 day (Australian Doula College presented by Preparing the Way)
Elwood, VIC, 3184

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