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One Thousand Cranes: Compassionate Care for End-0f-Life Planning

I am a Melbourne-based life-review, dignity therapist and end-of-life doula.  I provide two specially created services for my clients: soul story legacy gifts, and companioning at end-of-life.  Both of my services are focused on promoting comfort, enhancing meaning, and facilitating a sense of peace in life.  

In addition, I continue to work as a University lecturer, researcher, and professional trainer.  I also give my time as a volunteer counsellor in aged care, hospice, and as a chairperson for a headspace centre (part of our national youth mental health initiative).  

My Services:

Soul Story Legacy Gifts

As a life-review and dignity therapist, I am honoured to document my client’s most precious memories and stories, and help them articulate important (and often final) messages for loved ones.  

Recording our story creates a legacy of wisdom, and is possibly the most valuable gift we will ever give.  Yet, all too often the opportunity is missed.  We think we have time, when we do not.  We think it is not valuable, when in fact, it is priceless in value.  Contact me to find out more about how I can help you create your most precious contribution, a written legacy gift. 

End-of-Life Companion

As an end-of-life doula, I am a highly trained companion for those who are seeking support that extends beyond their medical needs.  My care for clients is completely tailored according to their wishes and individual preferences.   Care may occur across one or combination of areas, such as emotional, social, spiritual, and practical life support.   Contact me to find out more about my end of life support services.  

Formal Qualifications 

PhD (Good Lives Model): University of Melbourne 

Master of Counselling: Monash University 

Prof. Cert. End of Life Doula: University of Vermont, USA

B.A. (Honours) Psychology and Criminology: University of Melbourne

Cert IV Training and Assessment: Holmesglen


Professional Training

In addition to my formal qualifications, my professional development is always ongoing. I have undertaken specialised studies and training in the following areas:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – via Russ Harris

Narrative Therapy – via Melbourne University and the Dulwich Centre

Dignity Therapy – via the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement

Palliative Care – via Palliative Care Australia

Advance Care Planning and Directives – via Austin Health

Hand Hygiene in Patient Care – via Hand Hygiene Australia 

End of Life Doula Training – via Preparing the Way and the Australian Doula College

Dying2Learn - via CareSearch and Flinders University

After Death & Funeral Care - via Natural Grace and Preparding the Way

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  • End of Life Doula Training 1 day (Australian Doula College presented by Preparing the Way), 
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  • PhD (Good Lives and Offending): University of Melbourne Master of Counselling: Monash University Prof. Cert. End of Life Doula: University of Vermon