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Geeveston Public Cemetery

Cairns Bay, TAS, 7116


We are pleased to be in partnership with the Natural Death Advocacy Network to offer Natural Burial sites set within the natural bushland area on the cemetery grounds.

To find out what's involved with Natural Burials, visit the NDAN information page.

Bec Lyons from You N'Taboo is the local advocate for Natural Burials in the Huon Valley region.

The Management Committee of The Geeveston Public Cemetery strive to be as accomodating as possible with the wishes of the deceased and their loved ones.

Natural Burial Standards

The following is a list of minimum Natural Burial standards for the process of natural burial.

A natural burial must:

  • Be a single depth burial;
  • Have only one body per plot;
  • Have not more than one metre of soil above the body or container at the deepest point;
  • Use a plant or protein-based material shroud or an eco-friendly biodegradable coffin;
  • Not include any plastic unless it is biodegradable;
  • Not include the use of an underground vault; and
  • Require the body of the deceased to –
    • Only wear natural protein based or plant based materials;
    • Not have had chemical preparations or plastics used in preparation; and
    • Not be embalmed (exemptions in exceptional circumstances such as repatriation may apply) or having only been embalmed with non-toxic chemicals.
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Natural Burial Ground
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