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Accompanying and empowering individuals, their families and loved ones through all stages related to end of life issues, with a view of death being a natural and inevitable part of life.

Matters of Life and Death offers comprehensive care and support in areas related to issues of significant loss, grief, and bereavement. 

I have a broad and complementary background in a range of professional support modalities in which to work with you.   I am a qualified Educator, Counsellor, Spiritual Carer, End of Life Doula / DeathWalker, Celebrant, and Clinical / Pastoral Supervisor.

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Independent Funeral Celebrant Training - (The Celebrants Training College)
Deathwalker (Natural Death Care Centre)
Funeral Master Class (Natural Death Care Centre)
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Professional Counsellor; Clinical Pastoral / Spiritual Education; Buddhist Chaplain; Professional Supervisor (Clinical / Pastoral)

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