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Small Hours | End of Life Doula

Reservoir, VIC, 3073


Hello, my name is Cosette and I'm the Doula behind Small Hours.

Like many people, I’ve experienced the loss of a loved one. On a few occasions, my loved ones made early decisions about their care. They had an end-of-life experience that was as comfortable as possible and aligned with their values and wishes. Most of the time, however, this was not the case. We often don’t know our end-of-life options. We may have to make hasty decisions with limited information under stressful conditions.

In 2017, I began meeting professionals in advance care planning, palliative care, and end of life doulas. I saw how unprepared many people are for the end of life and the impact that has. I recognised the importance of this work and completed end of life doula training.

As an End of Life Doula, I provide practical and compassionate end-of-life support. My goals are to alleviate fear and anxiety and empower and support people to make informed, intuitive, and intentional decisions through life’s transitions.

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